Monday, December 15, 2014

The Spa-liday Season at Allure Day Spa in New York

The Spa-liday Season
Pampering Packages for Every Elf, Angel and even the Grinch!

 Allure Day Spa is here to help with a slew of spectacular spa packages that promise to please everyone on your list.

Spa Gift
For the Glamour Girl…
For her next big appearance, she can pop into Allure for a shampoo, blowout and professional makeup application that will make any snowman melt. Now if you could only help her figure out what to wear… $105.00 (Value $ 115)

Just When You Were About to Give Up…
Do you have a guy who’s so difficult to buy for he makes a root canal seem like a piece of cake?   Allure has the perfect answer, a 90 minute Aromatherapy Hot Stone massage! Let him choose from Swedish, Sport, Reflexology or Aromatherapy.$175.00 (Value $190)

For the Super Stressed Shopper…
Everyone has an obsessive compulsive friend who will do practically anything for the perfect gift. While she’s scaling walls, strangling sales people and harassing other customers, she’ll be shocked to know that you’ve discovered the perfect gift for her… a pampering Peppermint Reflexology Pedicure from Allure Day Spa. $55.00 (Value $ 75)

Instead of a Fruitcake…
If you have a hostess with the mostest on your list, don’t bother dusting off an old bottle of wine to bring to her soirĂ©e. Give the lady of the house a pampering facial to detox from the stresses of post-party syndrome. Allure offers an amazing Skin Rejuvenating Algaederm Facial that will help her look and feel rested, rejuvenated and refreshed. $105.00 (Value $120)

The Man with Too Many Tools and Ties…
Running out of ideas for your boyfriend or husband? After years of collared shirts, sports memorabilia and electronics still sitting in the box, you might as well get him something you can both enjoy.  Get in the mood with an Aromatherapy Couples Massage from Allure Day Spa.  Not only will you get to relish in some quality time, you’ll get a relaxing massage with your man without having to give one back in return. $200.00 – 60 minutes (Value $220)

When Mom Says, “You Don’t Have To Get Me Anything”…
She’s the most important lady in your life and it’s about time you gave her something she can really use and enjoy. Allure’s Revitalizing Anti-Aging Facial.Not only will mom emerge looking fabulously refreshed, she’ll love you for not giving her another ceramic bird to display on the mantle. $125.00 (Value $145)
 Allure Day Spa & Hair Design 139 East 55th street , New York, NY,10022 phone 2126445500

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Minus Sinus Facial and Congestion Massage for Fall Season In New York City

Minus Sinus Facial NY
Nothing’s worse than a stuffy nose. Having to Minus Sinus Facial breathe through your mouth, red rims under your nostrils from chronic blowing, dousing yourself with Vicks at bedtime, the dreaded drip…drip…drip. Grab a hanky and head over to Allure Day Spa for a Minus Sinus Facial. With the oh-so soothing scents of peppermint, lemongrass and eucalyptus, Allure’s resident facialists will drain your face and have you breathing freely in no time flat.
75 min. $125

FOR BETTER RESULTS add Ear Candling to Minus Sinus Facial or Congestion Massage

Ear candling is a safe, simple, natural way to remove excess wax and debris from inside the ears. The practice of ear candling dates back approximately 2,500 years to the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Tibetan and American Indian cultures. You'll experience a gentle warmth in the ear which has a soothing, relaxing effect. Some of the potential benefits are : ear-related headaches; feeling of cleanliness; and helps fight infection.
30 min. $50.00

To help sinus congestion and relieve the inflammation Allure therapists use combination of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Rosemary essential oils.
Massage works very well on head and neck problems. The conditions like headaches and sinus problems can overlap or contribute to each other, so Allure Day Spa NYC massage therapists address both during a massage. In general, stimulating the acupressure points for sinus congestion opens the sinuses and releases pressure anywhere from immediately following the massage to 20 or 30 minutes after. Uhhh....

60 minutes $110 or 30 minutes $ 70

Allure also known for

Romancing the Stone allows couples to indulge in One Hour Hot Stone Massage NYC, combine with a luxurious half-hour reflexology massage for feet.
$190.00 per person or $380 for couples

Throwout the month  of November you can get 10% off  Fall Facials and Aromatherapy Massages. Don't wait ! Schedule your appointment and mention our blog.

Allure Day SpaHair Design
139 East 55th Street
New York, NY 10022

Monday, August 25, 2014

Best Sports Massages for US OPEN Tennis Players in New York

Every year US Open starts in New York City in August 
  Sports massage is not everyone’s go-to treatment, but for more active clients, it could be. With possible benefits such as improved fitness endurance and performance, increased flexibility and recovery time, and injury prevention – we suggest stopping into Allure - one of the city’s best massage spa  in New York City  before or after the game.
Traditionally, sports massage is a deep-tissue massage that targets the deepest layers of muscle, in order to stimulate blood flow.  It is best done before or after the event as a means to later restore or rehabilitate.  Allure Day Spa, in Midtown  is a home of some great massage therapists who specialize in Sports , Deep Tissue Massage.
  Deep Tissue or Sports massage in NYC is given within the four hours preceding an event to improve performance and help decrease injuries. It is used as a supplement to an athlete’s warm-up, to enhance circulation and reduce excess muscle and mental tension prior to competition. It is focuses on warming-up the major muscles to be used, and getting the athlete in a good mental state for competition. It also improves tissue pliability, readying the athlete for top performance. Certain massage techniques can help calm a nervous athlete, and others can be stimulating.
So Don't wait , come to Allure Day Spa for Best Massage in NYC ! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Best Gift for Father's Day is Allure Day Spa Gift Certificate

This Father’s Day think outside the box and society standards that surround Father’s Day presents. Although he may love the tie you got him last year or golf shirt from the year before, he could really use a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. A day where he can reflect on all the great times he has had with you and his family. That’s why at Allure Day Spa we are providing you with the best options to buy your Dad or loved on this Father’s Day.
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For Father’s Day this year let your Dad or loved one unwind with us at Allure Day Spa.Time and time again we have been rated the number one Day Spa in NYC. We offer endless amounts of unique and exclusive spa and salon treatments that everyone raves about! Check out what your can get the man of your dreams this year:

The Male EscapeSpecial – At Allure Day Spa we understand the stress and pressure a majority of men are under, at work. Or the amount of strain or tension they put on their muscles due to sports related activities. That is why the Male Escape Special is a perfect gift. This package includes a Men’s Facial and 60 minute sports massage. At Allure Day spa our experts will make sure that your Dad or loved one leaves relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed! 

Another perfect gift for Father’s Day is our Spa for Men Package. This exclusive offer for Father’s Day is perfect for any Dad! The Spa for Men Package is truly the ultimate package deal for Father’s Day this year! Pamper your Dad or man with a Men’s Facial, Deep Tissue Massage (For one hour) and lastly a Reflexology Pedicure.

On top of these great gift ideas we offer tons of services and treatments that fit any mans lifestyle. Click here to see all of our Men’s Spa Treatments. Or Click here to purchase your Father's Day Gift Card today!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Throw a Bachelorette Party in New York that Doesn't Suck

t’s wedding season! Get ready for billowing white tulle, teary declarations of love and best of all, bachelorette parties. If your BFF is tying the knot, send her off with something classy not trashy.
Where to begin? Our suggestion: throw out any and all ideas involving strippers, rubber penises, Life Saver t-shirts, and scavenger hunts involving the acquisition of men’s underwear. No good can come of these things. You want the bride-to-be to have a night to remember, fondly
Don’t schedule the party too far in front of the big day, but don’t wait until the last minute, either.  a good time frame is anywhere from six weeks to a month before the wedding. A bachelorette party scheduled too early can feel anticlimactic, whereas one scheduled right before a wedding can bump up against the bride’s nerves, and might interfere with pre-wedding dieting or exercise. (Not that I’m endorsing bridal boot camp or any such weight loss practice that has its own show on WE, but, you know, people do the whole pre-wedding diet thing often, so it would be disingenuous to pretend it didn’t happen.) And forget the whole night-before-the-wedding thing. Nothing worse than being hung over on a day you know you’ll spend being stared at by people and photographed.
Be sensitive to other people’s budgetary constraints, and don’t make the bride pay for anything. According to the Knot, while it’s customary that a host pays for a bridal shower, the attendees pay for the bachelorette party themselves — and the bride doesn’t pay for anything. If you’re organizing, the soiree, make sure attendees know this, and be sensitive to what they can afford in order to avoid embarrassment and hurt feelings. A wedding party consisting of mostly 24-year-old recent college graduates with roommates aren’t going to be able to afford to spend the same kind of money as a group of 32-year-olds with professional degrees and condos. And don’t force anyone to be there — the wedding party is already expending considerable time and cost to help the bride celebrate, and costs can really add up.
Allure Day Spa NYCThe bachelorette party is supposed to be a time for the bride to hang out and relax with her girl friends, and unless the bride specifically requests that the theme for her party be An Evening of Cocks (because some ladies really love that stuff, and more power to ‘em), try something different. Instead, get creative. Allure Day Spa  is a great way to do that! A Spa Party allows the bride and her friends the hang out before the main event. Enjoy Allure's signature packages like Girlfriend's celebration Package with relaxing massages , spa manicures and pedicures, champagne and chocolates or Night on a Town package with Hair styling , make-up and manicures or create your own experience with customized treatments, lunch and champagne. 
Allure Day Spa in Midtown Manhattan NYC can plan your Bachelorette Parties and ready to pamper you head to toe.
Allure Day Spa  is easily accessible  by public transportation and the expressway making one less thing for you and your guests to worry about. Get ready to relax, share food, laughs and good company in a memorable setting at Allure Day Spa NYC.Allure Day Spa Parties

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mother's Day Gift of Spa

New York City during the month of May is filled with countless events and activities to fulfill anyone’s needs. The weather becomes nicer, the sun begins shinning and how could we forget – Mother’s Day! An annual holiday celebrated the second Sunday in May that allows us to rejoice and give back to our mothers. Show your appreciation this year by treating your mom, girlfriend or wife to a day of relaxation this Mother’s Day; with a Spa Retreat. Illustrate and confirm your undeniable love and compassion to the women of your dreams, per they have unselfishly provided it to you all year round.

The great part about NYC is that Mommy’s come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a “mommy-to-be,” first time mom, second time mom or the mother of 4 cats and 3 dogs – Mother’s Day celebrates you and your undeniably companionate love to your children this year.

Allure Day Spa recognizes how tough and hectic it is to be a mom in this modern world. This is why we invite you to our soothing and tranquil spa for a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. Take time for yourself this Mother’s Day to reminisce and re-live all of the good times you had in the comfort of one the top rated day spa’s in NYC; Allure Day Spa! We welcome you .

At Allure Day Spa we are offering several deals and packages to celebrate your motherhood! Beginning with theVitamin C Facial; a treatment that will have your skin feeling restored and beautiful. The Celebration Spa Package; that entails a 30 minute body massage, peppermint sea salt pedicure, manicure and champagne toast & chocolates. A Relaxation Spa Package; 45 minutes body massage, mini facial, champagne toast and chocolates and the Escape Spa Package: 90 minutes body massage and classic European Facial. Check out more Mother’s Day Spa Specials Here Mother's Day Spa Packages NYC

Not to forget one of our more special packages (back on popular demand) – The Mother and Daughter Retreat! A day for you and your daughter to remember forever! This phenomenal package includes Coconut milk body polish, 30 minute body massage, facial, peppermint sea salt pedicure, manicure and a delicious Spa Lunch! The Mother and Daughter Retreat package allows mother’s to celebrate what Mother’s Day is all about : their children!  
Allure also invites little kids to enjoy Spa services and created Package like "Mommy and Me" where they can get  Couples Massages, Spa Manicures and Pedicures,Hair Styling and Make-Up .

Last but certainly not least for all women that are expecting their new addition to the family soon, we offer theMommy to be Pregnancy Package. Mothers from all over can identify with all the great attributes of being pregnant. However, why not make this a day just as relaxing and stress free as possible. Our spa is one of the finest and top Day Spa’s in NYC with the knowledge and experience to make you feel comfortable and right at home! Come spend the day with us and enjoy an hour massage, facial, spa manicure and pedicure as well as a Spa Lunch!

Mother’s Day was created to celebrate the ones we love most! Call today to schedule your Mom, wife or girlfriend a day of relaxation and rejuvenation – They deserve it!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Spa Treatments , Massages and Facials at Allure Day Spa NYC

Nothing’s more divine than the first bloom of spring flowers. When daffodils and tulips start popping out of the previously snow covered soil, we’re temporarily enveloped with the feeling of arctic relief until… ACHOO! Egad, the trauma of sinuses takes over.
Do yourself a favor and head over to Allure Day Spa for Aromatherapy Massage and Minus Sinus Facial.

Aromatherapy massage 
  To help decongest the sinuses and relieve the inflammation Allure therapists use Eucalyptus, Lavender and Rosemary  essential oils.   
60 minutes $100 (Value $ 110)

             Minus Sinus Facial.
 With the oh so soothing scents of peppermint and chamomile, Allure's resident facialists will drain your face and have you breathing freely in no time flat. Ahhhh… 
75 min  $115(Value $125)

                                                    Coconut Milk Body Glow 
Spring forward and leave dry skin behind! Brighten your skin by Exfoliating. 
This mega-treatment will exfoliate and condition your skin all at the same time, so you're left with beautiful, glowing skin.
                         30 minutes $70     60 minutes $120 (with 30 min massage)

                                 Peppermint Pick-Me Up Manicure & Pedicure
This refreshing and hydrating treatment enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, includes oil free mint exfoliant, calming and hydrating wrapped in hot towels. Your hands and feet never felt so good!!!
                                                        Mani/Pedi combo $ 55 (Value $65)

                                          Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliage Facial
Pumpkins are not just great in pies. Used in skin care they provide an excellent source of fruit enzymes, antioxidants and AHA's. Pumpkin Enzyme Peel increases cellular turnover while naturally exfoliating the skin to remove deadscaly cells reducing pigmentation and fine lines.
75 minutes  $115(Value $145)

                                                                     Vitamin C Facial

A refreshing  facial which includes a complete skin pampering along with an uber-hydrating Vitamin C mask to provide instant radiance!
                                                   75 Mins - $120 (Value $145)